Bistrita, Str. Apicultorilor. No. 2.
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PAG. 4:
AX 2 according to force N decomposes in the ramp towards the green arrow.
AX 2 is fixed to the base and pushes the circles according to the orange arrow with force F2 towards F3.
AX 3 breaks down to the right arrow. AX 3 is fixed to the base, push the circles with force F2 towards F3
According to the existing situation, the forces F2 and F3 are in the opposite direction
In order to change the direction of the forces F2 to pull in the same direction as F3, we bring the axes AX 1 closer to each other, with a different force, changing the inclination of the ramps at the contact side from AX 2 (changing the forces F2 in the direction of F3, as shown in PAG. 5)

PAG. 5:
The arrows in the image represent the direction of the pushing force
The red arrows represent the direction of movement of the elastic circles to the left
The green arrows represent the displacement movement of axles 2 and 3. This is to the right, due to the unloading forces in the ramp of the axles, taking into account the direction and the pushing force in the ramp of the axles, being fixed to the base by bearings. The result of these forces is the displacement of the elastic circles to the left.
Due to the pressing forces perpendicular to the A1 axes on the circles, there are no unloading forces in the ramp.